March is supposed to go out like a lamb.  Not a tyrannosaurus rex.  I have had it with winter. February in Chicago was the coldest on record. Friday was the coldest March 27th in 140 years.  This morning it was 20 degrees.  The Cubs pennant run starts next weekENOUGH!!  Enough winter!!   I’m perfectly content when the thermometer notches into the 90’s.  I put on my Speedo, a t-shirt and flip flops and head off to work.   But today, I walked out the door bundled up like Admiral Byrd. 

Last year (March 6, 2014), I had a post about “Winter’s Full Court Press.”  The laments of a horrible, suffocating winter.  It is a year and four weeks later.  March is required to go out like a lamb.    &*#x@+%!  And we’re still getting the full court press.  Spring in Chicago is a fiction.  We usually go from 30 degrees and slushy to 90 degrees and humid on a Wednesday afternoon in April.  Where is “global warming” when we need it?  Of course that’s pretty much a fiction too as we’re learning. . . . .

One thought on “ENOUGH!

  1. John Stonebraker

    63 degrees in SC today. The birds are singing, the azaleas are popping, and the squirrels are eating the buds on my prize Japanese maple.

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