The Race Card

You ever done something stupid? Said anything you regret?  Said a bad word?  A word that wasn’t politically correct? If you say no, I won’t believe you. 

In my post of February 1, 2012, I mentioned how I had used an offensive slur at Boy Scout camp when I was 12 years old.  None of your business what it was.  And I was grabbed by 6 fellow Scouts and had my mouth washed out with soap by the guy who went on to be best man at my wedding.  It was the Damascus Road.  I learned.  What ever happened to washing someone’s mouth out with soap when they use a bad word?  How ’bout if we grab those boys from the University of Oklahoma and wash their mouths out with soap?  Oh yeah.  Progressives will condemn it as cruel and unusual punishment.  Better to just play the race card (which lately trumps freedom of speech) and crush them.            

I have an idea.  How about having a “stupid card“?  I remember being 19 and I was pretty stupid.  How about if we give those under the age of 21 several “stupid cards” for dumb things they do or say?  Not the criminal stuff where you throw the book at them but the stupid things — like singing a vulgar and hateful song.  Wouldn’t it be better to play a “stupid card,” then sit down with the culprit and talk to him (or her)?  And make them understand that what they did was wrong.   Give them a chance.  And then move on.  What about forgiveness?  Mulligans (see 11/9/14)?  To me, rehabilitation is a lot more productive than trying to exact a pound of flesh, to crush and to destroy.  

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