Talking Food

In my post of November 27, 2011, I talked about “Fasty and Slowy” — two mischievous tabletop spiders (my right and left hands each with an index finger “head”) who would often visit in restaurants when Lauren as a toddler was getting antsy. Fasty was speedy and very light (easily picked up) and Slowy was ponderous and heavy. The two would ply the tabletop – one sprinting all over creation, the other lead-footed and sluggish.  They walked up, on and around Lauren. And she would squeal with delight.  We learned that this activity would enhance her appetite and feeding her became easier. 

Fast forward to my esteemed role as grandfather. Fasty and Slowy have made their debut with Eve but so has talking food. When we’ve been out with Eve – and we want her to eat her asparagus – suddenly the fork bite of asparagus jumps to my ear and begins whispering. And I translate. “You want to go visit Eve’s tummy?” The asparagus nods. “Don’t you want to go back on the plate?” The asparagus shakes side to side – and begins whimpering. “Don’t cry I say.” Eve looks at me like she’s not quite sure.  And I offer Eve the bite. “Make the asparagus happy.” And she does. Next comes a bite of chicken. The chicken has the same modus operandi.  “You’re lonely for your friend asparagus?”  And it seems to work pretty well.  The dessert remains silent as it doesn’t have a chance to say anything. . . .

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