In Pakistan, 145 students (mostly Muslim children) are slaughtered by the Taliban. And the civilized world calls the perpetrators “animals.” In Western Iraq, 322 men, women and children (all Muslim) are massacred by ISIS and dumped into a well.  And we call the perpetrators “animals.” In the Syrian town of Abu Hamam, ISIS assassins murder every male over the age of 15. More than 700 victims. And the media calls the perpetrators “animals.”  In France – Islamic radicals just murdered 17  And the world decries the “animals” who did this.  Thousands killed by Al-Qaeda in Pakistan.  Thousands exterminated by Boko Haram in Nigeria. And let’s no forget 9/11.  Mercy – when will this madness stop? 

When you read and hear – day after painful and sickening day – of massacres and horror beyond belief perpetrated by Muslim extremists (and their insatiable craving for more blood), one comes to the conclusion that some people really are “animals.”   Yet using that term is an insult to a lot of respectable dogs, cats, lions, frogs, turtles, porpoise, jellyfish and pigs.  These “people” are worse than “animals.”  These “animals” are rabid.  And we all know what we do with rabid animals.  They are destroyed.  I don’t think even the ASPCA or PETA would object. . . .   

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