Favorite Movies

Okay okay!  All I had to do was mention a few of my favorite movies and I received perhaps 20 emails from friends  (all guys by the way) with their favorite movies.  “You gotta mention. . . ”  “The best of all time was . . . .”  “Don’t forget. . . .”   Soooo I will reference here my buds’ agglomeration of top movies:

“Bridge Over the River Kwai”

“The World’s Fastest Indian” (about a motorcycle – not a Native American)

“Revenge of the Pink Panther” (I love this one)

“Glory Road”


“The Best Years of Our Lives”

“Ben Hur”

“Uncle Buck”

“It’s a Wonderful Life”

“Weekend at Bernie’s”

“My Cousin Vinny”

“Legally Blonde”


I have to confess, there are a few I have not seen.  So I’ve asked Donna to put them on our Netflix list.  Her response?  “We’ll see, Scott.  Maybe after “When Harry Met Sally” “Roman Holiday” “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” “Gone with the Wind” “Shakespeare in Love” “An Affair to Remember” “Sleepless in Seattle” . . . .