The Library of Congress?

In my post of January 9, 2014, I reported that my granddaughter’s favorite book is an art book – Mary Cassatt – published by Taj Book (Cary, NC). Well, Ms. Cassatt’s paintings of babies and mommies continue to be a hit but today, but there is so – so – much more.

Eve continues to devour books just like she does Mac ‘N Cheese, blueberries or flavored Yogis. She is now 2 years 9 months old and she already has a collection of books that might rival the Library of Congress.  And she reads them.  She has favorites of course.  But new books always garner attention whatever the topic.  “Look Eve – here’s a picture book on the various species of grass seed” – and she will give it a look.  And listen.  “Look at the fescue!”  I’m not sure that I could be considered a “hoarder.”  Yet.  But we have a supply of books in our downstairs den that have taken on a life of their own.  New books arrive regularly.  English and Spanish.  On great and glorious topics.  Heck.  When I was two years old, all I had was a Donald Duck comic book and Rosalinda the Donkey (which I well remember).  Which probably tells you something. . . . . . 

2 thoughts on “The Library of Congress?

  1. T

    What a sweetheart. It seems at 9 mos. she was a pick pocket, next an art critic, a book worm, and now into landscaping? Time for a picture or two.geneaudrey

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