The Library of Congress?

In my post of January 9, 2014, I reported that my granddaughter’s favorite book is an art book – Mary Cassatt – published by Taj Book (Cary, NC). Well, Ms. Cassatt’s paintings of babies and mommies continue to be a hit but today, but there is so – so – much more.

Eve continues to devour books just like she does Mac ‘N Cheese, blueberries or flavored Yogis. She is now 2 years 9 months old and she already has a collection of books that might rival the Library of Congress.  And she reads them.  She has favorites of course.  But new books always garner attention whatever the topic.  “Look Eve – here’s a picture book on the various species of grass seed” – and she will give it a look.  And listen.  “Look at the fescue!”  I’m not sure that I could be considered a “hoarder.”  Yet.  But we have a supply of books in our downstairs den that have taken on a life of their own.  New books arrive regularly.  English and Spanish.  On great and glorious topics.  Heck.  When I was two years old, all I had was a Donald Duck comic book and Rosalinda the Donkey (which I well remember).  Which probably tells you something. . . . . . 

Eve’s Favorite Book

My granddaughter Eve just turned two!   As I mentioned in my Christmas email, the days seem long (sometimes ever-so-long) but the years go fast.  I can’t believe that Eve is now two years old
One of her favorite activities is books.  Books books and more books.  Books before bed.  Books with breakfast.  Books any time.  For the last year – or more – when having her diaper changed, she would call out “Book!”  And a book would be delivered into her hands.  And she would look at it (sometimes upside down) intently.  Flipping pages.  Then tossing it aside and calling out “Book!”   
One of her favorite books is a book with few words.  It is a $5.00 art book that we bought at the Art Institute of Chicago.  It is titled Mary Cassatt published by Taj Books International of Cary, NC.  The book features Mary Cassatt’s (1844-1926) paintings of mothers – and babies.  Eve stares intently at the pictures — turning pages.  Looking.  Pondering.  And then moving on.  “Baby” she’ll say – and point.  Or “A mommy.”  
If you are looking for a very special gift for a very special little person, you probably could not spend your $5.00 bill any better.  Amazon features only the Kindle edition (from what I could see) but I’m sure that book stores may have the real McCoy.  If you really can’t find a copy, and really want one, let me know and I’ll walk over the Art Institute and pick one up for you (if it’s still in stock).  It will make a little someone very happy.   🙂