“F” is for “Fireworks”

Every Independence Day, I am embarrassed that Illinois is one of the few states in the Union that disallows any and all kinds of fireworks for private use. This Fourth of July I heard a few neighborhood “pops.”  And saw a few puffs of light.   And I can just imagine police SWAT teams barreling down on the offenders.

I continue to believe that people of Illinois should descend on Springfield and demand equality for buying and using fireworks. As I reported earlier (10/10/12; 10/15/12; and 10/30/13), many kids – like me – grew up with fireworks.  And it was a hoot.  Don’t give me the “oooh oooh – you can get hurt” business.  It does not happen.  And you know it.  Your child has a greater chance of being seriously injured playing soccer than by a firework. 

And while we’re in Springfield asking those who run this state for equality for buying, selling and using fireworks – we might create some fireworks of our own demanding honest government and fiscal responsibility.  Illinois has the worst credit rating in the nation.  And according to a new Thumbtack.com and Kaufmann Foundation survey, Illinois is the worst for business (okay, California tied us).  Illinois got an “F.”  Companies are leaving in droves to the tune of 1,000+ jobs a day.  Illinois is one of the most heavily-taxed states.   Yet new taxes, fines, regulations and penalties appear daily.  Did you know Chicago’s population today is less than it was in 1920?  Illinois leadership has ruined our State.   Yet they keep getting voted in.  Who votes for these people?  How’s that for a segue?     

One thought on ““F” is for “Fireworks”

  1. Suggestion: just move to Texas. The Dallas/Fort Worth area has plenty of places for “amateur” night with fireworks. No one gets hurt you say? The boy who lived across the street from us when my boys were in elementary school had missing fingers from a fireworks accident. I guess you don’t read about those things. The wooden roofs typical in this area are vulnerable. With the current drought grass fires are common. Not every yahoo handles fireworks in a safe manner. Since you are smarter and better educated than most of the people around you, you have been and probably will be fine. But even the professionals have had some serious accidents lately.

    You are pro-business so I guess you support emergency rooms, roofing companies, fire departments, attorneys (Hmmm), and other companies that benefit from accidents. Read the article in a recent Men’s Journal about the water crisis in Texas and who stands to benefit from it. I’m sure the ‘greed monsters’ (my term) in Austin would love to have you join them!

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