Creative Cooking

Last Saturday, I volunteered to make dinner. As is my custom, I often go where no man (or woman) has gone before. Translated: I rarely use a recipe.

The meals I create are determined by whatever hunger pangs are pulsing through my body at any given time (usually while prowling the aisles of Fresh Market). Last Saturday was no different. 

I grabbed a handful of Shiitaki mushrooms (the Asian mushrooms are healthiest), a yellow onion and some organic leaf spinach.  After slicing the Shiitakis and chopping the onion, I  sautéed the mix in olive oil with a little pepper.  I tossed in the spinach in the last few minutes of a 40 minute siege on low heat.  I made my fabulous mashed potatoes (organic baby potatoes mashed with garlic cheddar cheese and butter).   And for the piéce de résistance, I got some Bay scallops and marinated them in an Austin’s Own barbecue sauce.  After a half hour or so, I drained and patted them dry (just to keep the hint of BBQ flavor).  These I sautéed in olive oil for about 9 minutes (probably too long). In the last few minutes, I poured in some pure maple syrup.  It bubbled and popped.  I drained and served with a Vidau Rioja red. 

The meal earned a 7-3/4 from Donna.  It was the overcooking of the scallops (making them a tad tough) that brought down the score.  The other dishes were perfect 10’s.  As was the wine and the Talenti pistachio gelato.   

I can’t wait until next Saturday. . . .      

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