No Names

In my post of May 2, 2013 (“Breakfast Tips“), I talked about how when going out for breakfast, the gratuity I leave is always more – percentagewise – than when going out for dinner. Why? Simply because your bill for breakfast may be six bucks. What are you going to do — leave 90 cents? Your wait staff deserves better.

Anywayyyyy, fast forward.  Speaking of wait staff — we go out with different friends for dinner on a fairly regular basis. We always have a great time.  Except. . . . . when Donna tells me we’re going out with ___ and ___ I inevitably ask – “do we have to?” The reason is that the woman is frequently downright nasty to wait staff.  Demanding. Condescending. Pick out a few similar adjectives.  I have no idea why.  It makes me very uncomfortable and tends to put a cloud on the dinner. 

When I was growing up (Donna is still waiting for that to happen), I was inculcated with the mantra of “being nice” to people. The vast majority of our friends are courteous and friendly to those who serve them. But there is one.  Donna’s been suggesting that we go out with this couple for the last year or two.  My usual response is – how about November 12, 2018?  Oh wait.  That’s the day I have to clean the birdbath. 

One thought on “No Names

  1. Why does your wife want to be with this woman? Why does her husband tolerate her behavior? They are giving tacit approval, aren’t they? I’m proud that you have written about your negative reaction to this woman. But, you aren’t doing anything about the problem. You are going along to get along. How sad.

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