Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un is the 31 year old leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (aka “North Korea”). He is the son of Kim Jong il and the grandson of Kim il Sung (his predecessors). This 31 year old whiz kid is President of the country and head of the military. And he controls every aspect of life in the “Hermit Kingdom.”

Those who cross Kim Jong Un learn quickly. Then they die.  He has caused to disappear scores of his own family members. He is reputed to have fed his uncle – Jang Song Thaek – to a large pack of dogs who had not been fed for several days. He keeps his 24.7 million people on a starvation diet.  And his people die like flies.  And he doesn’t care.   There are increased rumblings at the top.  And factions.  Dice are rolling.  The knives are out.  On March 14, 2013, Kim was the target of an assassination attempt.  And survived.  Keep watching the news in the coming weeks.   

Last week (July 8th), some rare footage of Kim Jong Un made its way to the West.  It shows Kim Jong Un limping.  Struggling to walk (see ).   Yet a bare thousand views.  I wonder how it happened.  Shooting hoops with Dennis Rodman?  Poor guy.  Gosh – I sure hope it’s serious. . . .

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