10,000 Steps

For our birthdays, Lauren & Trent presented Donna and me with our very own FITBIT’s. You know about this?

The FITBIT is a wireless thingee that you wear on your wrist. It is an “activity tracker” which records the number of steps you take, it monitors your calorie intake and expenditure, the amount of water you drink and your quality and quantity of sleep.  It also gives you a sharp electric jolt if you reach for a cookie.  JUST kidding about the cookie business.  The FITBIT is actually kinda cool.  I’ve learned that I have a lot of weighty matters on my mind while I sleep (it records time awake, restless and in deep sleep).  It gives me an electrical thumbs up when I reach 10,000 steps (about 5 miles).  And it tells me how many calories I’ve burned (as if I give a hoot). 

In an article titled “The Pedometer Test” by Tara Parker Pope (October 19, 2010), it said that Americans take about half as many steps per day than their counterparts around the world.  Australians log 9,695 steps per day.  Swiss – 9,650.  Japanese – 7,168.  American men take 5,340 and American women – 4,912.   Though Amish men average 18,000 steps per day and Amish women, 14,000.  So the FITBIT is a way to challenge yourself to go the extra mile.  Literally.    

The FITBIT is made by Fitbit, Inc. of San Francisco.  The cost is between $60 and $130.  And they are normally tethered to your Smartphone.  If you’re looking for a unique and quirky gift, this is probably one that will satisfy.   

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