Mt. Vesuvius

Over Memorial Day weekend, Donna and I went up to Door County Wisconsin and stayed at a wonderful B&B in Sturgeon Bay – the Chanticleer Guest House. On Sunday afternoon, we went for lunch to a popular pizza spot in Fish Creek. We waited about 40 minutes and got a table. And sat down. It was shortly thereafter that Mt. Vesuvius erupted.

The folks at the next table paid their bill, got up and left. A wait staff person walked over with a spray bottle of bleach/cleanser and began spraying from way above the table. And spraying. And spraying. All over the table. The spray wafted over our food and the aroma stung eyes and quickly raised the alert levels for Donna from Defcon 5 to Defcon 1 (the Defcon folks would’ve been proud at Donna’s immediate and vigorous reaction).  Our onion ring appetizer was rendered unedible.  Our own table glistened with spray.  Eyes burned.  It was then that Mt. Vesuvius – aka Donna –  erupted for the first time since 79 A.D.  The server was chastened. The manager was called to the table.  And she apologized.  Profusely.  The enthusiastic “sprayer” came over and apologized as well.  And our meal was offered “on the house.”  I have rarely seen Donna complain.  About anything (except to me of course which is where she hones her skills).  But this was a major “over the top” exercise of sanitation.  The explanation was that the State of Wisconsin Department of Health requires that such sprays be used generously on tables.  I seriously doubt it.  I have been in many restaurants.  All over.  And I have never seen such requirement or obligation.  And I’ve never seen anyone drown a table in chemicals while someone sat two feet away.  Soaking a table with spray may be a reasonable exercise  at closing time or perhaps upon opening.  But while there are diners sitting at ground zero?  The scent of bleach and cleaning solution lay heavily in this restaurant.  Even with the windows open.  For those who like there food seasoned with ammonia, I’ve got just the place for you.  And if this turns out to be a new Wisconsin regulation, I’ve got just the state for you. . . . .  

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