A Hero

In my post of February 7, 2013, I spoke of the courage of 17 year old Malala Yousafzai — the young woman from the Swat Valley of Northern Pakistan who stood up to the evil of Taliban oppression, was shot (and nearly died) and now continues to speak out all over the world — on behalf of women and young girls. Malala is a Hero (with a capital “H”).

At Church on Sunday, I heard another Hero speak. Her name is Bridget Brown. Bridget wears many hats.  She is a student, she mentors and teaches students with disabilities, she works as a dental assistant, she is a prolific public speaker and she does television commercials. Oh – and did I mention — Bridget has Down’s Syndrome?  Bridget’s presentation was captivating.  To say the least.  She is articulate.  Funny.  And compelling.  And she is an inspiration.  In her presentations, she urges her audience to see the abilities in those around us — not the disabilities.  And she asks listeners to be inclusive of those with disabilities – since we all share the same emotions, feelings and desire to be accepted, cared for and loved.  And perhaps because it was Sunday, at Church, Bridget talked of how Jesus seemed to spend  a fair amount of time with disabled people.  Helping them.  Healing them.  There is a lesson here. . . . . . 

Bridget’s website is http://www.butterfliesforchange.org  

2 thoughts on “A Hero

  1. Jason Parkin

    This is lovely, Scott, and so true: Bridget is, indeed, a hero and an inspiration. My only wish was that we could have had more time with her! Truly “seeing” other people fully and completely is something we all need to continue to learn, and Bridget has much to teach.

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