A Bright Hope for the Future

For the last few years, I have worked with a charity called Bright Hope International (www.brighthope.org). Bright Hope is a spiritually-based organization that provides hope to the desperately poor in Asia, South America and Africa.  Bright Hope works its miracles through indigenous churches offering food, nutrition, clean water, medical assistance, child care and disaster relief. Bright Hope facilitates educational efforts, job creation, microenterprise and the rescue of those in the clutches of human trafficking.  And Bright Hope offers a Christian message of love, care, healing and salvation.

Bright Hope International was founded 45 years ago by Dr. Kevin Dyer.  Initially efforts were directed to those in the Eastern Bloc — behind the Iron Curtain.  Today, under the leadership of Craig Dyer (Craig is a “boots on the ground” guy who is often on site), Bright Hope has expanded its mission to include those on the bottom rung of the economic ladder in Bolivia, Chile, India, Cuba, Haiti, Peru, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and elsewhere.  As the website states, Bright Hope provides hope for today, hope for tomorrow and hope for eternity.

We are all challenged by the gnawing question of just what we can do to “make a difference” during our lives.  With our lives.  To help those in extreme poverty.   And we all feel the “tug” of many fine and worthy charities.   Over the last 2-1/2 years, I have had posts on four not-for-profit organizations.  Bright Hope International is a fifth.  You may enjoy checking out their website.  Bright Hope is making a big difference in a big way.  Let me take this opportunity to wish everyonebright hope for a healthy, happy, peaceful and wonderful 2014.