In my post of October 4, 2012, I talked about how the four blood types vary in terms of vulnerability to certain foods. O (the oldest blood type) is robust and needs animal protein; A is more fragile and has some issues with animal protein (especially the 4-legged variety); for B, chicken is a red flag which can cause health complications; and AB has diminished stomach acid and thus should avoid certain foods.

One of the interesting adjuncts to studies on blood type is the effects of wheat and gluten.  For type A, gluten is usually just fine but for types O and B, gluten can cause inflammation of joints and exacerbate arthritis.  This gluten intolerance is not a result of celiac disease – the autoimmune disorder of the small intestine which causes severe inflammation resulting from gluten (wheat).  It is just that gluten-intolerance can result in aggravation of arthritis and a painful increase in joint and muscle issues.

Donna is type O.  And she has had issues with joint and muscle issues (as well as arthritis).  So she has been steering away from gluten for a while.  However one weekend – after a gluten overload of pasta, breads and other grains, she could barely walk.  The pain neared a ten.  Off gluten again, the pain receded and things were good.  Today, Donna – a type O – is just fine with all manner of proteins, potatoes, vegetables and such but she is on the wagon when it comes to gluten.  And she is feeling better. 

Any type O or B who is having issues with joint inflammation and pain might consider going cold turkey on gluten.  Just to try.  There’s no cost, no risk and it just might help.   But don’t take my word for it.  Google the operative words gluten inflammation or gluten arthritis and reach your own conclusions.     

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