Our Neighbor’s Faith

When Donna and I joined a Lutheran Church in Northfield in 1977, the Pastor asked if I would help coordinate and present the adult forum for the coming year (which up to that point had been a Bible study – averaging a few people each Sunday).  I reluctantly agreed — on the condition that I decide on the program.  The Pastor reluctantly agreed on the condition that he know what kind of program I contemplated . . . . .

For the ensuing September – May, the adult forum series of our Church was titled “Our Neighbor’s Faith.”  Each week (or two) we would focus on a different religious faith (Donna spoke on being an Episcopalian).  I had two Mormon couples, a Jewish rabbi, a Jesuit priest, two Jehovah’s Witnesses couples, a Salvation Army officer and so on.  By the time the year ended, average weekly attendance was 30 to 40 people.  Talk about interesting!  An abbondonza of questions, comments and and pointed observations.   For some of the visitors, I had to draw the line between proselytizing and informing.  I declined to take on the following year and the Church got a professor from the Lutheran School of Theology to present for the year.   “Our Neighbor’s Faith” was a tough show to top.  🙂    I continue to be interested (“fascinated” is a better word) in religion since it continues to unite — and divide — so many of us. 

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