Bicycles on Streets

I don’t mind occasional bicycles on streets. Riding single file. Obeying traffic laws. Staying out of the way.  Bicycle lanes are fine and seem to work.  But the groups of bicyclists who take up whole lanes of traffic (riding 2 and 3 abreast), ignoring traffic signals, scaring pedestrians and essentially creating havoc with the 4 wheel and 2 legged traffic?  They are a problem.   The pelotons. . . .

Violate traffic laws in my car?  I’m toast.   As a pedestrian – I can be ticketed for jaywalking, for crossing against a red light or for going around a railroad crossing gate.  Yet bicycle riders thumb their noses at red lights, stop signs and other traffic signals.   Pedestrians wait for them.   They often arrogantly deprive others of the courtesies they expect.  I have to say that this is one of my pet peeves and a pet peeve of a growing number of others. 

Bicycle bans are becoming more popular — and I’m hoping that they become even more popular. . . .      

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