Scoring Points. . . . Afterword

To further explain the acquisition of “points” in my prior post, I should explain that Donna and Lauren had been off shopping.  Donna arrived home at about 7:30 pm — tired and hungry.  Soooooooo, in addition to the 9-1/2 point meal that was so perfectly crafted, I had a Banyan Tree C.D. crooning some New Age stuff in the background, candles were lit, the splendid meal was on the table — appropriately hot (enchiladas), cool (avocado) and cold (mango).   Oh and did I mention the frozen French martini* that was waiting (and within quick grasp)? 

These are points that can be swept away in a heartbeat by some real or imagined misstep (such as not changing a light bulb).  But for now, they remain on the asset side of the ledger. . . .

*French martini — Chopin potato vodka; Chambord; and pineapple juice.

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