Scoring Points. . . .

I made dinner on Saturday.   Donna gave me a wink and a 9-1/2 out of 10.  A great score for Dancing with the Stars and an especially superb score for the Renaissance Hombre. . . .

Simple.  Fun.  Delicious.  I used the usual La Banderita corn tortillas.  I grilled two chicken breasts — very plain — and sliced them thin and marinated the slices in superb olive oil direct from Italy from my friend Cristian.  I grilled onions (Vidalias – see post of November 4, 2011) and then laid out the tortillas and laid in the chicken, grilled onions and garlic cheddar cheese and rolled them up.  Sprinkle with more cheese and bake for 25 minutes at 350 in a pan brushed with olive oil.  I served with fresh sliced mango and for Donna – fresh sliced avocado (though I am normally partial to guacamole).   Some Frontera Grill Tomatillo salsa and black beans on the side (rice optional) and — mercy — a meal that got me some major points.  Oh – and a Catena cabernet (Mendoza, Argentina) to top off the meal. . . .  🙂


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