Lutefisk and Pickled Herring

A man had a problem with a family of skunks that lived under his porch.   He tried everything to get rid of them but nothing worked.   He went to the local hardware store and asked if they had any ideas. 

Put lutefisk and pickled herring under your porch,” the clerk said.  “That should clear up the problem.” 

So the guy went to the market, bought a few pounds of lutefisk and pickled herring and put it all under the porch.  The next morning, the guy ran downstairs and looked under the porch.  The skunks were gone.  But a family of Swedes had moved in. . . . .

3 thoughts on “Lutefisk and Pickled Herring

  1. Rick Meier

    As I mentioned to Scott, sorry to say, but even though I was raised in a Swedish context and studied at the University of Uppsala in Sweden, nevertheless I am “herring-impaired”!
    (I’d rather starve than eat it.)

  2. cousin peter

    3000 swedes went thru the weeds at the battle of copenhagan.The dust from the weeds made snuff for the swedes at the battle of copenhagan. Need i say more in the defense of the swedes?

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