Favorite Websites

You ought to see the list of “Favorites” on my office computer.  I have an abbondanza of favorite websites.  Literally hundreds of them.  To keep them all straight, I have individual “files” in which I pigeonhole them:  Humor (a biggee), Law, Language (and Translation), Magic, Music, Publications, Religion, Cooking (apparent from prior posts), Family, Autographs, Telephone, Calendar/Clock and Travel.   Within each of these files, I may have dozens of sub-files.  Then I have a host of miscellaneous files on restaurants, movies, chess, genealogy, motivational quotations (I’m partial to John Wooden), knots (yes “knots” – remember I was an Eagle Scout), financial information, maps, art, Sudoku. . . . and I’m just touching the surface.   I find that by creating folders and then “organizing favorites,” I become more organized and favorites are easier to locate. 

I organize emails the same way.  For emails (and I am not exaggerrating) I have literally thousands of folders.  Why?  Because as a lawyer, for each client I work with, I have a file.  Then for each matter I have a separate folder.   Sometimes subfolders will have dozens of sub subfolders.  And so . . . . Ta dahhhhh!  Thousands of folders.   When I get a call from a client about a matter from 2002, I can find it in seconds.  Big advantage. . . . .  I also have the obligatory email folders for Humor and Great Fun (for the really good stuff), Family, Autographs, Religion, Art, Politics, Art, Food and on and on and on. . . . .  Perfectly organized. . . .

My desk?  That’s another matter. . . .

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