Nature vs. Nurture

Our children.  Magical.  Incipient.  Can do. . . . whatever

Each child is born – and blessed – with certain inherent natural proclivities.  Nature.  A quirky combination of genetics and heredity that suggest that this child could become a stellar musician or physicist or linguist or actor.  But how often do you hear about parents who say “I played football so my Johnny is gonna play football – whether he likes it or not.”   Or “my daughter will go to Yale” or “my boy will be a doctor [or banker or business person]” or “my son will not play with toy soldiers.”  Or “My daughter will go into the family business making widgets.” 

Guiding a child to learn broadly and to have varied experiences is positive.  It is a big plus to learn.   But efforts to “steer” or worse yet “order” a child into this school, that profession, this sport or my business is not only hurtful, it may be badly counterproductive.  It can mean that little Johnny – while a violin virtuoso in the making – is actually discouraged from such pursuits (a la “Billy Elliot”) in order to pursue what mom or dad want.  Or it can mean encouraging – nurturing –  a child to reach their full – grand – amazing potential.  Sunlight.  Water.  And optimal growing conditions for life . . . .     

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