Pet Peeves

We all have them.  Pet peeves. 

Pet peeves are specific irritating behaviors of others which get under our skin and annoy. . . .  The term “peevish” is derived from the Middle English term “pevish” (can be “peevish”) which means “spiteful,” “ornery” or “ill-tempered.”   Use of the noun “peeve” is of fairly recent origin — dating to about 1908.  The term “pet peeve” was first used in print in 1919.   Use of “pet” simply refers to “favorite.”  

I don’t have many pet peeves (what are yours??) but those I have make me X%#!@* ornery and peevish:

1.  Bicycle riders who think they own the road.  GET OVER AND RIDE SINGLE FILE OR RIDE A STATIONARY BIKE!  

2.  People who drive slowly in the passing land.  GET OVER IN THE RIGHT LANE!

3.  People who talk loudly on cell phones on the train (“And how is my little dumpling today?  Woogy woogy sweetums!   Let me tell you about my day. . . blah blah“).  HANG UP, TALK SOFTLY OR GO IN THE VESTIBULE! 

4.  People who are late (see post of October 2).  SHOW UP ON TIME!

5.  Anyone who disagrees with my supreme – and inimitable – and usually flawless – logic and wisdom.      

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