You have GOT to be kidding

I have gone from the heights (see post of August 25) to the depths.  I have just learned that Tom Cruise has been picked to play Jack Reacher in the film version of Lee Child’s classic novel — One Shot.  This is like asking Pee Wee Herman to play Conan the Barbarian. 

Tom Cruise might be okay playing a small samurai – but Jack Reacher?  Jack Reacher is an ex military policeman turned drifter – who looks like an NFL lineman.  He stands 6’5″ and weighs 250 pounds.  Cruise is like a foot shorter and 100 pounds lighter(!).    I mean come ON people.  Is there no integrity in casting?  I could have tried out for this part and. . . . wait a minute.  I need to find out if tryouts are still going on.    ‘Scuse me. . . . .

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