A (Short) Tale of Two Mice

Two very small mice were walking together in an alley when suddenly a huge cat jumped down from a fence — right in front of them.  “MEEEOOOOOOOWWW” said the cat as it opened its mouth and began moving toward the trembling mice.   “Meeeeooooowww.” 

Suddenly one of the small mice stepped forward and in a large voice began “ARF ARF ARF GRRRRRRRRR  WOOOF WOOOF WOOOOF!”  Now the cat – eyes big as saucers – stared at the small rodent.  “GRRROOOOF ARF ARF ARF!  WOOF WOOF!”  As quickly as he  had appeared, the cat turned and sprang away dashing down the alley.” 

Wow! That was close!” said the other mouse.  “Where in the world did you learn that??” 

The small mouse looked at his friend and smiled “That is one of the benefits of knowing a second language.” 

One of my favorites. . . .

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