Search the Internet like a Pro

Do you want to kick your internet searching into high gear?  As a lawyer, I’m doing searching throughout the day.  For me Google is the search engine of choice.  There are two tips I use:

1.  Quotation Marks — Whenever you have two words or more – and you’re searching only for that nexus of words – put them within quotation marks.  Searching for Scott W. Petersen will give you 2 million hits (you get all the “Scott Jones” “Oliver Petersen” etc.).  But putting the three elements within quotation marks (“Scott W. Petersen”) will give you only records where they appear together.

2.  The Plus (+) Sign — You know a lawyer named “Petersen” and he’s a lawyer with “Holland” something or other in Chicago, just enter +petersen +lawyer +holland +chicago and you will see only records where those four elements appear together.  You can search for old friends, addresses, phone numbers, random events, genealogy records. . .  just about anything.   

Thus if I am searching for the Petersen family in Copenhagen, I can enter +”petersen family” +copenhagen.  If I have a medical condition and want to learn about treatment and support groups, I can enter +”acid reflux” +treatment +”support group” +diet and voila – a cornucopia of helpful web sites (each containing the key elements/words) appears.

Knowledgeable and creative searching brings solid results and saves hours of time!