So this Old Guy. . . .

So this old guy goes to the golf course. “I’d love to play,” he says to the pro. “But my eyes are really bad. I hit the ball pretty well but I can’t see where the ball goes.”  The pro smiled – “I’ve got just the guy to pair you up with. Old Scott isn’t much of a golfer but he has got eyes like a hawk. I’ll put you and Scott together.”

So the old guy and Scott are introduced, shake hands and head for the first tee.  The old guy bangs his drive about 250 yards.  He turns to Scott “did you see where it went?”   Scott looks over “I saw precisely where your ball went.”  They get in their golf cart – and start rumbling down the fairway.  They drove and drove.  The old guy looks over at Scott “so where did my ball go?”  Scott rubbed his chin “gosh, I don’t remember. . . .”

A Hole-in-One . . . .almost. . . .

Have you ever had a hole-in-one?  No – neither have I.  But I’ve come close.  On Sunday, August 7th, I came the closest ever – about 12 inches from the pin.  The site – Evanston Golf Club.  17th hole.  Playing about 215 yards.  A little wind against (I wanted to say “against gale force winds“).  I pulled out my 3 wood and spanked my Pro V-1 just like Tiger W. . . ahm . . . . I mean Phil Mickelsen.  The ball took off high and perfectly straight.  I knew I had exceeded even my own grandiose expectations.  “Wow!  Great shot” said the caddie.  “That could be in the hole,” said my friend Norm.  Unfortunately, part of the green is obscured by a fairway bunker so no one could see the result.   So we walked.  As the pin came into view, I saw that the ball was resting a matter of inches from the hole.  An angry-looking ball mark splayed grass and turf where the ball had slammed into the green. 

I marked and cleaned my ball and thought briefly “gee what if I 3 putt?”    But I knocked down the putt for a 2.  Birdie. 

A hole-in-one is rare and I had one.  Almost.  But “almost” doesn’t count.  It either is or isn’t.  My birdie could have been a chip in from the fairway or a 12 foot putt.  Suffice to say, I’m still looking for that “ace.”  One day . . . .