China – Part II

I had some pushback on my China post of October 16, 2021 – and my thoughts about twisting Xi Jinping’s nose. One comment was

I find Xi to be a typical Marxist cur.  He and the CCP are enslaving, sterilizing, raping and killing the Uighurs in his country; he has already violated the treaty under which he promised Hong Kong decades of home rule; he is building islands in the China Sea to expand his hold over trade routes; he is shooting missiles in the direction of Japan; and he is threatening the sovereignty of Taiwan.  Other than that he’s a model citizen. 

I’m sure that most Chinese will agree that Xi wants to be king of the world and he doesn’t care how many Chinese souls perish in the process. I mean – what’s ten or twenty million dead when you have so many? But then what? In that prior post, I suggested that I would (if given the chance) squeeze Xi’s nose. Very hard. And suggest he wake up. How about a swift kick in the caboose? Though that wouldn’t do much good either. Maybe talk further to Xi’s buddy General Wang Shaojun. Then again, maybe he too is busy entertaining Peng Shuai along with the noble Zhang Gaoli. By the way – the media has been silent on the whereabouts of Peng since December 20th. Not a whisper. I wonder why. . . . .


China’s economy has been doing well. Education is big. Astronauts. Space stations. And the culture is nothing like it was during the reign of Mao Zedong. Mao was the epitome of evil — the biggest mass murderer in the history of the world. Mao takes credit for the starvation and execution of 45 million of his own people during the five years from 1958 to 1962. And we’re not counting the before and after. . . . .

Xi Jinping has had a role to play in China’s rise but also its increasing descent. He is covetous. He wants to be the King of China for years and years more. He is growing the military. And being aggressive. Threatening. Hong Kong is victimized and Taiwan is in his sights. Mao’s poisonous visage is again being touted. And Xi is beginning to kill and punish anyone who disagrees. What he doesn’t realize is three things: life is short; his time will end; and yet – he could still be a hero. Simply by adopting the qualities of one. Courage. Compassion. Integrity. Charity. Friendship. Reconciliation. Self sacrifice. And serving as a role model for others.

Unlike Russia, I perceive Xi and China as still having a bare sliver of a chance. Think of the leaders who have made a difference by adopting these qualities. Leaders with character – Lincoln, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, and so many others. Wouldn’t it be great if world leaders and would-be leaders would strive to be heroes instead of planning and executing violence, hatred and corruption against their people and others? Haven’t they learned in the last 4,000 years that it doesn’t work?

I’d love to meet Mister Xi. I would like to squeeze his nose and say 醒来我的朋友 (XING LÁI WO DE PÉNGYOU or “wake up my friend“)! Though that would achieve nothing. I would probably gently tell him – maybe – just maybe – you could still be a hero. . . .” Whether he would listen is purely up to him.