Further Reviews. . . .

The Kirkus Review in the prior post was a bit disappointing. I have to wonder if the reviewer finished reading Renaissance Hombre given some of the comments. It was curious to read that I have “no interest in fully exploring or questioning why these inequities [poverty, hunger] exist.  [Petersen] simply notes how lucky he is.” From my perspective – there is page after page of challenge, inspiration and hope:

The traces we leave behind . . .  may not mean much to us.  But they could mean everything to someone else.” 

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  What are you going to do with what’s left of it.” 

Gratitude. . . . . Inspiration to give.  Reasons to be grateful.” 

Who are the saints in your life?” 

Are we doing enough?  . . .  Could we do more to make the world a better place?   If every person – spurred by that simple query – did one extra act of kindness, charity or contribution each day, imagine how much better the world might be.” 

And on and on and on. . . . I much prefer to defer to the earlier critiques of Renaissance Hombre that are mentioned on the book cover:

This book is a treasure chest. Each entry is a golden nugget. Give this book to everyone you know.”
~ Marilyn Crow, literacy teacher

These stories will make you laugh and cry, and wonder where those simple times went, and question what is happening now. Read and enjoy.” ~ Carol M. Santora, photographer and philanthropist

Enjoy these entertaining slices of life, both humorous and serious. What stories might you leave behind?” ~ Sandy Haggart, founder, Feed the Dream

200 Posts

This is my 200th post. I never thought I would have so much to say.  It is actually kind’ve fun trying to ponder new and quirky topics which may be of interest (“renaissance-esque”). And then trying to write something which is cohesive and coherent.  And keeping it under my self-imposed limit of 300 words. 

I have some “subscribers’ plus another 30 to 50 receive copies of each post.  And each day I get between 5 and 300 “hits” on my website.  Average is maybe 20.  The most hits came on the recent post “The Wedding Ring.”   American Airlines picked up the post and referenced it on their Facebook and Twitter pages.  AA wrote me that they’d had over 640,000 “views” on the article!  And 300 souls logged onto my blog. I’ve had hits from Canada and South Korea. Go figure.  Early on, I posted every day. Then every other day. Now Thursdays and Sundays. Surprisingly, I’ve not run out of things to say.  I actually have five posts in the hopper — ready to go. Not sure how long this will go on but I expect for awhile.  Fasten your seat belts. . . . .