“Progressives” believe government should be a tool for change.  And from everything I’ve been reading – and hearing – I’m not sure “progressives” give a hoot. About the poor, the homeless, the sick, those who are victims of abuse, hatred or violence. Those who are lonely or depressed.  They care little about racial issues.  Or minorities.   Or those who suffer.  They care not about virtue.  Or character.   

It seems they care only about control and destruction. Strict monitoring of everyone.  A government which controls every thought, word and deed.  And destroys.  Religion.  Business.  American tradition.  Incentive.  Values.  Censorship and vilification of anyone who gets in their way.  Anyone who objects or even questions is decried as a “radical.”  “Racist.”  “Bigot.”    We hear this stuff every day.  The Constitution is old hat.  Freedom of speech is dead.  Ideology trumps charity and  compassion.  

Where am I going wrong here?