The Taste Test

Donna and I are frequent happy hosts for our granddaughters (ages 3 and 6).  It’s “a sleepover at Nonni & Popi’s.”  It’s usually a Saturday evening. Which means Japanese food (which they love) or pizza.  And a “movie night.”  Last Saturday, it was “The Lion King.”  It’s always a delight.  Sunday morning it’s up and off to Church and Sunday School and then – shhhhhhhhhdo NOT tell our daughter — we go to McDonald’s for lunch.  Then on the drive home, we “get lost” allowing our granddaughters to guide the car (“left” “right” “straight”) until we have no clue (wink wink) where we are.

One of the activities that I will often employ for a Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning is the “Taste Test.” I prepare by purchasing various Knudsen’s organic juices (cherry, blueberry, pomegranate, grape, apple, or whatever). And we sit at the table with 3 or 4 little Solo cups each with a splash of different juice.  We then taste the offerings. And try to discern what it is we are drinking.  And what our preferences are.  And why.  Pomegranate juice always prompts a wrinkled nose.  We’ve done the same with different fruits and (yuck) vegetables — with eyes closed.  There is no tiring of the taste test.  It is always fun and our granddaughters never know just what Popi has on the menu 🙂 

The Cherry Juice Gang

My collective family goes through about 30 gallons of cherry juice a week. Well almost. . . . My wife, daughter and granddaughters have tart cherry juice (organic, pure) for every meal and often in between. There is never a need to ask Eve or Elin “what would you like to drink.” The answer is an enthusiastic “CHERRY JUICE!”

Donna drinks hers with sparkling water.  Lauren often straight up.   And the girls – usually half and half – with water.  I have become a cherry juice devotee — having my cherry juice “neat.” 

Cherry juice is loaded with antioxidants.  It is more than just “healthy.”  Tart cherry juice is an anti-inflammatory.  A 2012 study showed that people who drank cherry juice twice a day for 21 days experienced a reduction of the pain normally felt from osteoarthritis.  A Louisiana State University study found that those who drank tart cherry juice twice a day had 84 minutes more sleep than those who did not (or drank a placebo).  Cherry juice is rich in melatonin (the sleep hormone) and tryptophan (the amino acid which creates more melatonin). suggests that cherry juice fights heart disease, offers cancer protection and protects against muscle damage. 

When we buy tart cherry juice, its usually Knudsen’s or Lakewood.  And it’s always organic.  It’s a natural remedy with literally no downside — and only upside potential.  I still like the occasional glass of red wine.  Or two.  But I am now on the cherry juice bandwagon.  Giddyap!