The Forest of Tables and Chairs

As we drive along expressways, highways, streets or lanes – there are always sites that will catch our eye. Some we will make mental note of – so we can pay closer attention the next time we pass by. A few may merit a special trip.

I lumber off to the local fitness center a few times a week (once around the track, 3 sit ups – then home for some jelly donuts). My route takes me west on Glenview Road. As I approach Skokie Blvd., there is a home that had some large, thick trees cut down last year. Rather than have them hauled away, the homeowners took these large tree segments and creatively fashioned them into a back yard arrangement of tables and chairs. The scene looks like an outdoor woodland restaurant – ready for customers. At one end of the yard, there is a large throne sawed, chiseled and sculpted out of wood.

I have always felt it beneficial to point out interesting features of our world to my granddaughters. And this is one. We have stopped and parked several times to soak in this unique example of arboreal art. It has become known in our family as “the forest of tables and chairs.” If you live close by and want a unique experience . . . .