A Gigantic Toy

Having just spent nearly 3 weeks with Eve (and Lauren and Trent), I have come to the sobering conclusion that I am not perceived by Eve as her grandfather. Instead I am viewed as a humungous (over)stuffed toy that happily interacts doing all manner of interesting and time-consuming activities.  We open and close doors ad nauseum.  We throw things with great enthusiasm like Sandy Koufax in his heyday  Since Eve is prone to pointing at things, I (being the dutiful grandfather) provide an on demand taxi service — taking Eve in whatever direction she points at and picking up whatever object may strike her fancy at any given moment.   Believe me. . . .  it is a slice. . . . .  A wonderful slice. . . .  

Boca Grande

We have had a wonderful time in Boca Grande, Florida.  Here’s a picture of Eve, her stuffed Piggy and me (I am the one in the white shirt).   Was in Boca Grande nearly 30 years ago (and bought the rare book collection of the BG Library – which is another story).  The Loose Caboose (for lunch/ice cream), Temptation (for dinner) and the wonderful Pink Elephant are still there but sooooo much has changed.  Still great shelling and I found lots of sharks’ teeth on the beach! 


Being a Grandfather. . . .

. . . . is wonderful.  Here is Eve and me. 

Eve has just finished playing Beethoven’s amazingly complex “Sonata Hammerklavier Opus 106.”  She missed perhaps four notes in the third movement’s adagio sostenuto (those darn F sharps).  This photo shows how she is delighted with her performance. . . .and the proud conductor’s approval. . . .