The Lazy Face

In my post of March 19, 2012 (“Trouble Sleeping?”), I talked about how I deal with the issue of trying to fall back to sleep in the middle of the night.  The one big thing for me (apart from “ABC” – see 2/6/14) is the “clenched hands” issue.  When I open and relax my hands, the rest of me starts to relax.  

But recently I’ve noticed another phenomenon that also keeps me awake.  When I am laying there – thinking of work, handyman projects (like us non-handymen do), cooking, writing this blog, etc. I come to the conclusion that my eyes – while closed – are squinting.   It’s almost like my face is screwed up when one is in deep contemplation.  So, I’ve been relaxing my shoulders and letting my jaw drop a bit to relax my face.  I think of it as adopting a “lazy face.”  And you know what?   It seems to work.  In combination with the 337 other things I do to relax while wide-awake at night, I’ve now added the “lazy face.”  And then of course there’s the “bent ear” phenomenon when I find myself laying on my pillow with my ear doubled over. . . . . .   

Simple as ABC

If I have chocolate at night – any kind of chocolate – I will fall asleep like a baby. And then wake up at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. — ready for the day.  It’s very hard to get back to sleep.  

When we go out for dinner and they are clearing the plates, my mind always strays. In the direction of dessert. “Would you like to see the dessert menu?” says the server. “Oh goshSure. I’ll look at it.” Har har har. . . . “Look” at it.  Right.  I see the sorbet assortment or the crème brule or the peach cobbler.  It’s then that I start sweating.  My heart races.  Because right there under the pumpkin cheesecake is the brownie pot with chocolate sauce.  And then the chocolate profiteroles.  And below that it’s the chocolate gooey globs with chocolate sauce and M&M’s.  Donna looks at me with that don’t do it look.   I start mumbling “ch-ch-ch-choco . . . ”   And for a moment, I become strong and say “I’ll have the blackberry sorbet” knowing what’s going to happen.  The server scribbles, turns and starts to walk away.  It’s then I go “Wait – wait – I’ll have the chocolate gooey globs with chocolate sauce and M&M’s.”  The server nods.  Smiles.  In a knowing way.  And walks away.  The gooey globs arrive.  And they are delicious.

We go home.  I climb in bed and fall asleep.  At 3:00 a.m. I wake up.  Sharply.  And feel like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day.”  Next time.  I resolve.  I will be strong.  A-B-C.  “Anything but chocolate.”  Har har har. . . . .