Golf? Not in my country

On September 22 and 25, 2021, I wrote about the 47 countries in the world that have one – single – golf course. I suggested putting together a golf trip for the ages. Get a group of guys – who have carry on luggage and golf clubs — and head off to those countries like Afghanistan and North Korea that have one golf course. And move on to the next 45. I’m sure Golf Magazine would author a 10 page article on the expedition. The Golf Channel would likely have a series – featuring all of the brave souls who trekked to Turkmenistan to play the new Jack Nicklaus course (Ashgabat Golf Club) and braved an expedition to the Kabul Golf Club.

On the flip side, there would be an added challenge to assemble an investment group to develop golf courses in those countries that are barren of fairways and greens. Countries devoid of a golf course. For example:

San Marino
Western Sahara
Central African Republic

Who’s up for it?? Monaco and Liechtenstein might not be so bad for accommodations. But a few of those mentioned, a sleeping bag might come in handy. And we might need a few protein bars and some bottled water in the Western Sahara.