The Renaissance Team

There is chaos, poverty, violence and hunger in the world. And it gets worse every day. . . . .

The usual response of the United States and other more fortunate countries is to throw money at the issue. And hope for the best. Everyone knows this is not effective but – hey – what more can we do? There are privately-funded and religious charities that offer needed boots on the ground assistance. Often more effective than government. But try as they might, these organizations can only do so much. And time – and chaos – marches on . . . . . Enter “The Renaissance Team.

How about if some of the billionaires (throughout the world) formed “teams” of individuals able to address specific issues of those less fortunate countries. They could help mobilize local units to deal with issues. I could envision a team with specialties in ten areas:

Medical – Doctors, nurses, administrators

Economic – Accounting, economics, business, marketing, management, financial specialists

Law Enforcement — Police, legal, judicial – and security for the “team”

Construction – Administrators, architects and contractors

Education — Teachers and administrators



Political – Those who can assist with stabilization of political structureNOT TRY TO CHANGE IT

Religious – Clergy who are appropriate to the given area to help stabilize offering of the faith tradition

Seems to me that teams like this could provide needed help, guidance and inspiration to the people and a role model for political leaders. One of the cardinal rules of such Teams would be that their presence is not intended for nation-building – but for stabilization. And help. And peace . . . .

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