I Know That Guy!

In the prior post – “Facial Recognition Software” – I talked about how our grey matter can often identify friends or acquaintances even in a crowd. And we can “update” our identification capabilities even when we haven’t seen someone in several years. Such has been the case with me.

In the early 1980’s, I walked into a men’s bathroom at Disney World and who should be there? My old fraternity brother George H. During a trip to Italy a decade later, Donna and I met neighbors Dick and Gail W. – who took our picture in St. Mark Square in Venice. The wildest example of coincidence was being in the middle of the Okavango Delta in Botswana – 6 of us – bouncing along the Veld in a Land Rover. Not a soul around save for zebra, gazelles and a few antelope. Then at a distance appeared another Land Rover from another camp. And I squinted – “I know that guy!” It was Rick L – a partner from our Los Angeles office (see below).

Fast forward to three weeks ago. Donna and I are in Amsterdam – awaiting the start of a Rhine River cruise. We are prowling around the Rijksmuseum – home of paintings from the great Dutch Masters — Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh. And I’m thirsty. Sooooo. . . . I hoof off to the second floor cafeteria to grab a bottle of water and who should be sitting there enjoying a bite? Our old friends – Jack and Cheryl N. It’s been a few years but I spotted him in an instant – thanks to my facial recognition software. Our next getaway may be in January. What are your plans??

One thought on “I Know That Guy!

  1. drohrman

    Great stories…hard to top…I have an unusual one (well, 3)…at least unusual for me.

    In 1998 Susan and I were coming down the interior escalator in the Louvre, coming up were our friends from Chicago, Sherry and Tom…we waved and turned around, up the escalator, arranged to have dinner and marveled at the coincidence. Fast forward. In 2003, I was coming down the same escalator in the Louvre…who should be coming up…yes, Tom. He turned around and we laughed about the coincidence (“we have to keep meeting like this”), but no dinner this time, they were leaving Paris that night. Then, in 2009, I was hiking with 2 friends at about 11,000 feet in the Indian Peaks Wilderness in Colorado…coming down the trial was…you got it…”I know that guy!”….Tom and his brother, a neighbor in Kenilworth. We laughed about the lack of a much needed escalator.

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