The Sports Page

Does anyone read the sports page in the daily newspaper? In the Chicago Tribune, the sports page is an entire section. When I come back in from picking up the newspapers off the driveway, I peel them out of the plastic bag and pitch the sports page into recycling. I think the last time I looked at the sports page was in April – when the Masters golf tournament was in progress.

I rarely watch sports on television either. College or pro. Some years ago, the Cubs were in the World Series and – yeah – I watched. And years before that – the Bulls were ongoing champs. But since then, there’s little reason to watch unless someone of interest is in the hunt. And that’s rare. . . . .

I am troubled by those who earn $30 million a year for “playing” football or basketball or baseball. Forget the grade school teacher who wants to take his children to a baseball game. And can’t afford the $150 tickets. Much less the $8 hot dogs or $7 Coca Cola. Oh and don’t forget the $50 parking. . . . .

No – the sports page doesn’t resonate – or sports for that matter. I’ll cheer when Northwestern, Augustana or Villanova win. And I’ll sometimes tune in on Sunday for PGA Golf. But as for the other pro stuff? As Donny Brasco said “fuhgetaboutit.”

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