There is no king that can be saved by a mighty army; nor is a strong man delivered by his great strength. Psalm 33:16

According to the Council on Foreign Relations Global Conflict Tracker – there are 27 ongoing – bloody – conflicts going on right now around the world. Some are territorial disputes. Some insurgencies. Some for purposes of genocide. A few over drugs. A few, like Ukraine, are all-out wars. All for the exercise of power. And where does it get us?

World War II saw the murder of 80 million people – that’s a million people killed every month for six years. World War I – 20 million souls. Today, the world’s conflicts are extinguishing the lives by the tens of thousands. Destroying cities. Devastating crops. Creating massive pollution. All for the flaunting of power. And where does that get us?

While the leaders of nations, rebel groups and political entities claim justification for the killing and destruction, how will they be remembered? Hitler thought he could conquer the world and yet he has been relegated to the toilet bowl of history. Vladimir Putin has joined him. Perhaps Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-Un, and the despots of other fiefdoms will be flushed down as well . . . . .

Meanwhile. . . . according to the UN Chronicle, 25,000 people die — every single day — of starvation. And nearly a billion people are under-nourished. Just think if Putin, Xi and the other global tyrants hung up their desire for murder, cruelty and devastation and used their power to help others. They could be heroes. Heroes. And remembered for eternity. For truly making a difference.

Everyone’s time on this earth is transitory. But a whisper. All the more reason to use our gifts — our power — to make a difference.

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