English Leather

Do guys use after shave lotion anymore? When I was in high school and college, English Leather and Canoe were the “go to” after shaves (whether or not one shaved). I would slather it on – going through a bottle or two a week – whenever I’d go out with a girl. I thought it made me ummm. . . desirable. Instead – looking back on it – I have to wonder how they could stand the stench. At a dance or party – the competing smells of English Leather, Canoe, Skin Bracer and Old Spice took priority over everything else.

Today – I will occasionally detect a whiff of perfume from some (usually younger) lass – but I don’t recall having sniffed a men’s after shave in years. Maybe it’s because the old schnozzola is losing its sense. Or maybe that sense of recall? Either way, times and tastes change. If I were to go out today – and look for an after shave, it would probably have the scent of barbecue sauce or chocolate chip cookies.

As to English Leather and Canoe – perhaps they could be useful in dealing with the troubling smells left by our former and current Presidents. . . . .