I Wear a Mask

And so do you. It is the mask of human frailty.

Each one of us wears that mask. A mask that conceals our faults, weaknesses, bad thoughts, words and deeds. We can put on a good face to others and yet with honest self-appraisal, we are acutely aware – that we are far from perfect.

Human frailty began with human existence. From Adam and Eve – through the Old Testament (Moses, Abraham, Jacob, King David), the New Testament (Peter, Thomas, Saul of Tarsus) and throughout world history – right up to the present day. We see human frailty among those in politics, business, religion. We are keenly aware of human frailty — everywhere.

Soren Kierkegaard said “Do you not know that there comes a midnight hour when everyone has to throw off his mask?” And so it will be. Yet is there anything we can do? Abraham Heschel suggested that we try to build our lives as if they are a work of art. The painting of our lives is not complete until the last drop of paint is applied to the canvas. And so it can be. Each life remains filled with amazing potential for good – in spite of individual faults and failings. Kindness should triumph over greed. Good character will shun arrogance. Kind and tender people make the world sing – and make life joyful. We need more of it. So – today is a new day. And the paint is not dry.

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