Is there anything in my teeth?

[A repeat from February 2, 2017] How often do you go in the bathroom, look in the mirror and give yourself a quick open-mouthed grimace.  Just to make sure there’s nothing stuck in your teeth.  I sometimes do.  Occasionally, I will find something lodged in my pearly whites the size of a small fishing lure.

When Donna and I go out for dinner with our daughter and her family, I will sometimes use my tongue to position a large hunk of lettuce to cover my front upper teeth.  Then I’ll open my mouth with a Cheshire cat grin and say to the crowd “do I have anything in my teeth?”   My granddaughters think this is hysterical.  They laugh and giggle.  Even my daughter (who is accustomed to such tomfoolery) will laugh.  Donna, however, will narrow her eyes, tighten her gaze and say “that’s not funny.”  I disagree.  It has got to be funny if the people at the next table are laughing too. . . . . 

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