Chocolate in the Night

I’m usually the first one up & at ’em in the morning. I make the coffee, get the newspapers off the driveway and make my breakfast (usually cereal and fruit). I turn on “Squawk Box” and switch between it and the “Today” show. Donna makes her appearance somewhere in mid-afternoon. . . . . YES I’m kidding. Anyway, a few mornings ago, she came downstairs and lamented that she’d been awake for a few hours. “It must’ve been that chocolate I had last night.”

Chocolate for dessert. Ugh. . . . .I did observe that neither of us can eat chocolate at night without eye-opening consequence at night. Caffeine and all that. Soooo while sitting at the kitchen table – sipping my 4th cup of java – I penned a song – which I (yes) sang. It is to the tune of “Strangers in the Night.”

Chocolate in the Night – Keeps my eyes open 

When I douse the light – I just try copin’ 

I just start to read – Until the clock strikes four.

I just took a bite – then an another

I tried with all my might – Thought of my mother

But it didn’t work – I took another piece.

Chocolate in the night – It’s an addiction

It really is a fright – it’s not a fiction

Everywhere I go – Rain, heat, frost or snow

I will grab a candy bar – a Hersheys’ kiss or chocolate star. . . .

You get my drift. . . . .