I Don’t Like Anybody Very Much

“They’re Rioting in Africa” – also called “The Merry Minuet” – was written by Tom Lehrer in 1958. It was first sung that year by Ellie Stone. It was later recorded by Harry Belafonte in a performance at The Greek Theatre in Washington. And it was popularized by the Kingston Trio in the early 1960’s (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCTdfo6T-u8 ). Great tune – which I remember well.

In less than 2 minutes, the Kingston Trio has summarized the state of our world, most countries, many towns, families and even friendships. And it sums up the attitude of many otherwise intelligent people – about anyone who disagrees with them on any issue, topic, subject or political affiliation. If you are on the wrong side of someone’s cause celebre, you may be thrown under the bus. And the door will be slammed shut. Isn’t that just ducky?

This is no longer funny. It is serious. And it is painfully sad. Can we do anything about this troubling situation? You can. I know you can. So can I.

What nature doesn’t do to us – will be done by our fellow man. . . . .

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