Letter to a Friend

We have an email group. A couple of friends have sent around “political” emails that offend some in the group. Frankly – everyone is offended these days. I sure am – by certain people. Politicians. Groups. Anyway – I responded with comments of my own.

I’m not a fan of some of the demeaning emails that are sent around – but I brush them aside.  Why?  In part because each one of us comes from a different place.  Different education.  Different life experience.  Different upbringing.  Different filters.  You are not always “right” in your opinions.  Or assessments.  Or conclusions.

Neither am I. . . .

As to forgiveness?  I’d leave doors open. All we see today in politics is closed doors.  That’s just ducky. I am exhausted by the fact that everyone is offended by something.   I am and you obviously are too.  We all are.  That’s the sadness.  You feel you are right.  But so do I.  So do our friends.

As Jonathan Haidt said in his book – everyone has a Righteous Mind. . . . . And that leaves no room for considering alternative opinions.  The door is closed.  Anger boils.  I could go on but it would not be productive.  That’s why I believe issues can be more uniting than political labels. And to me – friendship can and should trump (I do NOT like that word) political disparity.  It’s all the more reason to be civil in our discourse. And it’s all the more reason to be generous in forgiveness. That said – hopefully we will cross paths one of these days soon.  And if we talk about politics – we will agree to engage in civil discourse.  And I will forgive you for your opinions. 

And you will forgive me for mine. . . .