The Drinking Glass

When I was a kid, our kitchen and each bathroom had a “drinking glass.” The one in the kitchen was usually a jar of jelly that when empty doubled as a glass. In our two bathrooms, we had plastic glasses. 

These glasses were rarely washed.  When my parents or I wanted a drink, we held it under the faucet, rinsed it out, filled it up and drank.  If the plumber came over and wanted a drink – yep – he’d rinse it out and drink.  My friends Eddie, Arthur, Curt and Chico had the same protocol in their homes.   We’d be out playing and one of us might yell “I’m gonna go get a drink” and disappear into somebody’s kitchen to rinse, fill and drink.  Or maybe not “rinse” as the case may be. . . . .   

I remember that occasionally my mother would take a sponge to the glass when there was “buildup” on the bottom (no, I don’t want to think about it either).   But otherwise, the drinking glass was there to use.   Today – many want an unused glass for every drink.   Sometimes if one switches from water to Coke – a new “fresh” glass will be employed.  Other folks will employ paper cups (or even those crinkly plastic ones) for each new libation.  Use once.  And toss.  As some readers might know, I’m not a big fan of killing trees or creating needless waste.   So I do – in the spirit of the 8 year old within me (that Donna says still make a regular appearance) – leave my coffee cup in the kitchen to reuse during the day for water from our filtered tap.  Regrettably though – it mysteriously disappears each evening into the dishwasher requiring a fresh cup each morning.  

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