Back Pain

There are times when I get out of bed in the morning that my lower back pain is so intense that I can barely move. It sometimes takes a couple minutes to put on a my Jockey Juniors and a pair of sweatpants to head downstairs for breakfast.  From what I hear, there are a lot of back issues going around.   Mine have been diagnosed as spondylosis (i.e. arthritis).  Recently – sciatica pain was added to the mix.  

It’s interesting that once I get up – and moving around – the issues subside and the back pain distills into a dull ache.   And soon, I’ll be hoofing off to the train station.  Or heading off to the golf course  

What has helped immensely is physical therapy.  And stretching.  Before getting out of bed, Donna and I are often doing stretches.   But I want to share one – that has so far scotched the sciatica pain.   It sounds simple – but I lay on my back and raise one knee up to my chest.   And pull.  And with the leg that is flat – I stretch it downward.  With toes up.  It’s almost like the sciatica is going “no no no!”   And the pain abates.  

It’s interesting too how sugar, gluten and alcohol are all known to exacerbate the pains of arthritis.  That said, I can’t say I have fully ditched the occasional Oreo, the spaghetti carbonara or glass of red wine.   Maybe if the pain gets really bad. . . . .

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