Chef Popi

Some years ago, I led a book discussion on Dearie – the Remarkable Life of Julia Child by Bob Spitz.  In preparation, I got myself a full chef’s outfit – with the jacket and toque stitched with the words “Scott” and “Renaissance Hombre.”  Today – I occasionally wear that outfit when making Swedish pancakes or dinner for my granddaughters . . . .   Oh – and Swedish pancakes?  

SHHHH!  You are sworn to secrecy!  A cup and a quarter of Bisquick, two eggs, a generous portion of honey (no sugar), a pinch or two of salt, a cup+ of milk and a third of a stick of melted butter.  In the blender for a minute or two.  Then portion three inch dollops of batter in a fry pan – medium heat – on a dusting of melted butter.  The first batch always looks burned.  After that, things settle down and the pancakes (thin, small and medium brown) usually end up perfect.  Make sure you have some lingonberries and real maple syrup.  You don’t need the chef’s outfit.  Though it may help . . . . .

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