No Problem . . . .

Thank you very much.”
No problem.”

What is the deal with this “no problem” business? What ever happened to “you’re welcome“?  The answer?  Probably millennials.

This retort – “no problem” – is actually a British expression.  It is somewhat analogous to the Australian response of “no worries.”  However, “no problem” is deemed less gracious – and more informal – than “you’re welcome.”   I grew up with “thank you” and “you’re welcome.”  Sooooo. . . . I’m not a big fan of “no problem.”  Especially when some folks actually respond with “no problemo.”    

I must confess though that on rare occasion, I have responded – when appropriate – with the Swahili comeback (popularized in “The Lion King”) – “hakuna matata.”  Which means “no worries.”  When I say that, those not in the “know” look at me like I’m a moon rock . . . . .   

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